Nhibernate hasmany not updating

I'll use already described situation counting with 50 thousand children, NHibernate produces 50 thousand of sql inserts and than sends additional 50 thousand of updates to SQL server - it means twice more sql statements! As our example defines, list of rentals should be sorted according to rental's start date, see mapping: b.

We've got three tables we need to map (we're ignoring the many-to-many join table right now), so that's one entity per table.This allows for easy refactoring, improved readability and more concise code.Fluent NHibernate also has several other tools, including: Fluent NHibernate is external to the NHibernate Core, but is fully compatible with NHibernate version 2.1, and is experimentally compatible with NHibernate trunk.Fluent NHibernate offers an alternative to NHibernate's standard XML mapping files.Rather than writing XML documents (xml files), Fluent NHibernate lets you write mappings in strongly typed C# code.

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