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By the time they arrive at the bucolic family home, the bird has suffocated, an ill omen for a family gathering if ever there was one.What’s more, we’ve been signalled that Lena, though well meaning, is achingly unable to keep her world under control., France 2009), Christophe Honoré's family drama about a recent divorcée who is unexpectedly confronted by her ex and a plethora of unwanted counsel on how to live her life during a family weekend in the Breton countryside, opens Friday, August 6 on SFFS Screen at the Sundance Kabuki Cinemas. Lena blazes into her family's country home in a desperate fury, her two bewildered children in tow.Ostensibly, she and her chain-smoking pregnant sister and happy-go-lucky brother are seeing their parents off on a bus tour to Rome, but other agendas soon surface.Honore picks up the action later in a wintry Paris to follow up on the emotional fallout of the Breton weekend.Mastroianni brings a taut, restrained energy to her role.

Léna vient de se séparer de son mari Nigel et obtient la garde de ses deux enfants.

She’s joined by a breezy Marie Christine Barrault as the meddling matriarch and Marina Fois as her jaded pregnant sister.

But the male characters - Lena’s ex-husband, her brother, brother-in-law and her new love interest - are mere outlines, roughly blocked out and endowed with little emotional depth.

In a film that provides no easy resolutions, Chiara Mastroianni is riveting as the alternately brusque and vulnerable Lena, unwilling or unable to conform to others' expectations and radiating panic in the face of vertiginous freedom as she confronts a life falling apart. August 13: Johnnie To's genre-busting gem populated by a hit man turned chef, family men moonlighting as assassins and earnestly official women detectives stars Johnny Hallyday, the iconic French crooner who exudes cool.

August 20: Robert Guédiguian's lush historical drama focuses on a largely overlooked cell of French Resistance fighters-refugees of the antifascist fight throughout Europe, mostly Jews and communists-led by French Armenian poet Missak Manouchian (Simon Abkarian) and his wife Mélinée (Virginie Ledoyen).

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