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She was frequently mistaken for a man, and was on the receiving end of cruel taunts about the hair on her face. I tried to say stuff [when I was bullied], but you know, obviously, at that age...'Her skin is very sensitive, making waxing impossible - on one occasion, the hot wax removed Siobhain's skin along with the hair - and besides, an element of regrowth is necessary to make the waxing treatment effective.

For five years she was housebound, and her confidence plummeted so low that she felt unable to face people. Electrolysis proved ineffective, as the treatment can only remove 10 to 15 hairs at a time - Siobhain's hair was just too thick.

My DD was conceived on our very first Clomid cycle .

Unfortunately, conceiving a second child was a little more difficult and we are now starting our first cycle of IVF. Hi, I've got PCOS and on ultrsdound they detected over 30 cysts on each ovary. Me (28)DH (32)DD July 04TTC#2 20 months PCOS & Severe Endo Clomid X 7 - all BFN.

A third of all women have extra cysts on the ovaries, but don’t necessarily have the syndrome.

It's caused by a change in hormone levels – and it's an increase in testosterone that triggers hair growth and the other symptoms: irregular periods, weight gain, acne and so on. 'I would leave it after Movember, except that it's itchy,' she said. I've been contacted by a lady who runs a course for children aged 12 and 13 who have self-esteem issues.

I was on a low dose again, and had 32 mature eggs retrieved at pickup.

I have always known that it was a strong possibility as my symptoms just fit, and I have already spoken to my Dr about starting clomid (he was planning on starting me on clomid regardless of whether or not I had PCOS, just to regulate my cycle). Also, I know women who have PCOS go on to have healthy happy children so it by no means a death sentence for fertility, but what are my chances?

I am really glad to hear about all the successful PCO pregnancies though.

So Good Luck to everyone with PCO ~Kim~ I was diagnosed about 7 years ago...

)I also have a sister with PCOS who now thanks to Clomid has 2 DD's and conceived them quite easily. I came off the BCP in Nov 05 and didn't get AF back until April 06.

Had several blood tests and still no Dr could diagnose it was PCO.

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