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A traveler who took a wrong turn on the way to the Grand Canyon and ended up there would immediately be tailed by the church's security force, known by detractors as the God Squad, and escorted out of town.

Then along came Warren Jeffs in the late 1990s, inheriting the prophetic mantle from his father, and everything changed.

Its founder, Ervil Lebaron, ordered the killing of rivals, including leaders of the FLDS and the Salt Lake City's Kingston clan, and was suspected of orchestrating the slayings of over 25 people before he died in a Utah prison in 1981.

Black was rumored to be friendly with the Le Barons (one of them lives outside Short Creek in an area known as the Cane Beds) and when Black fled to Mexico he set up shop not far from their hamlet, known as Colonia Le Baron.

"He felt like there was nothing he could do that was wrong," says Ron Rohbock, a former FLDS member who was once married to Warren Jeff's sister and now lives in Las Vegas.

In the mid 1990s, Black soured on the church, perhaps disappointed he hadn't become prophet, but stuck around the community, marrying other apostate wives and opening a shop called Mojave Minerals, where he claimed he was making gold out of rocks.

The Mormon Church officially abandoned polygamy in 1890, but there are still a handful of Mormon colonies in Mexico, some affiliated with the mainstream church, and others tied to fundamentalist groups, like the Church of the First Born.While Black may be innocent of murder, people in Short Creek have little doubt he's guilty of having sex with underage brides.A federal complaint against Black alleges he fled to Mexico to escape sex charges filed in Arizona, where he's still wanted.In 2016, a federal judge in Phoenix disbanded the police force and the municipal government, who all answered to Jeffs.Not long after, the FBI raided the town, resulting in indictments for 11 of Jeffs' top lieutenants, with charges ranging from money laundering to welfare fraud.

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