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after its description: the wild unicorn only allows to be tamed in the lap of the Virgin, in the same way that Christ chose the ever-virgin Mary as his mother.At the same time, reference is being made to the immaculate conception of the Virgin.

Sie arbeitet als Assoziierte Wissenschaftlerin am Germanischen Nationalmuseum Nürnberg.

It has a horn in the middle of its brow.ʼ Together with the lions, the unicorn takes a prominent place among the animals in the Erfurt Genesis Window: it is situated on the left-hand edge of the picture, near the creator, who is represented in panel 4a to the left.

The lion and the unicorn stand for the beasts of the earth, and are also mentioned together in the Psalms (XXI, 22 in the Vulgate numbering), as examples of strong, wild beasts.

Eventually, this animal was taken over in some places in the Vulgate (the fourth-century Latin translation of the Bible) and the word rendered as (a famous text with descriptions and moralizing accounts of various animals, both real and mythical) formed medieval notions of the unicorn: ʻIt is a small animal, like a little billy-goat, and it is peaceful and most gentle.

Hunters are not able to come anywhere near the animal, since it is so strong.

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The Bible does not specify the types of animal more closely, so we find a variety of different types of animal represented in depictions of the creation story.[1] In the Genesis Window in Erfurt Cathedral (s II, c.

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