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The 2K rear sprocket teeth are made of steel and the central part of aluminum.Both parts are joined permanently together by high-strength rivets.

They are CNC machined from the same 7075-T6 material as their famous offroad sprockets, yet feature the increased longevity from the hard anodizing process.The JT Steel Sprockets range now contains over 2,500 parts for all motorcycles and ATVs.Rubber cushioned sprockets have been widely used by the major Japanese motorcycle manufacturers since early 1990’s to dampen the chain impact on the teeth of the front sprocket.Made from advanced aviation-grade 7075-T6 aluminium alloy, optimal lightweight design and CNC machined for performance and lifespan!All aluminium MX rear racing sprockets are manufactured from the best materials with a special self-cleaning design, and hand-finished to perfection.

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