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You can even have him repeat them back to you to make sure you're not playing a game of sexy telephone (Cut to: You whisper "light bondage" in his ear and somehow next thing you know you're in a sex swing with a whip like, "Not this at all! Or tie something soft over your eyes and then go down on you. Do it with someone you already know respects your boundaries (also if he doesn't respect your boundaries kindly show him the door and blast him on the Internet for real because that guy shouldn't be having sex with anyone ever for life.) 5. My butt is not a flimsy water balloon that will pop if mishandled.

At any rate, I didn't pick one up," that'll put a pause on that right quick.

While women and couples have finally been acknowledged as a viable segment of porn consumers, until recently, the majority of videos marketed to them were plot-driven features. Instead, in Smart Ass films, you get: Imagine an uncensored, intimate look at adult film stars left to their own devices for two days.

Through my workshops and other travels, I’ve had the opportunity to talk to hundreds of different people. As they get to know each other, what happens is completely up to them: they decide who they have sex with, when, where, and what they do. Get a unique perspective as they film each other with their very own camera, The Perv Cam.

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