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The couple became engaged earlier this year when Shapovalov presented 27-year-old Tsaritsina with a 70-carat ring valued at million, writes that the ring is worth million and was a fifth-anniversary present).

Tsaritsina showed off the ring—an upgrade from the hefty heart-shaped diamond she used to sport—in an Instagram video that, fair warning, will hypnotize you into a light coma.

But now we learn the story behind them may be weirder than they seem.

According to The popular Legend of Rich Serbian Bachelor goes: a 39-year-old Serbian millionaire posted these pictures of himself on a Russian dating site, puffy-looking, posing awkwardly in silk PJs and an all-white suit amidst the absurdly lavish rooms of his mansion. Rich Serbian Bachelor began as a popular meme on Russia's active Livejournal community in 2009.

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There are weddings, and then there are fancy weddings, and then there's the wedding of Russian oligarch Aleksey Shapovalov and model Ksenia Tsaritsina.

It seems each year the meme resurfaces like an old rash, and they have been making the rounds again.I called Galperina and she offered a few more details: Vihelmsson lived in Latvia when the pictures went viral (discovering Ulfarism, no doubt) and someone Galperina knows called him and he confirmed that he was the guy in the photos.Far from definitive, although the resemblance betweenn Vihelmsson and Russian Bachelor is pretty strong. Judging from his Facebook profile, Vihelmsson lives a much different life than he did when the bachelor photos were taken, if it is indeed him: He's lost a lot of weight and has grown out his hair, which he sometimes wears in a strange ponytail.Kald og fin helg i vente over store delar av #Norge!☀ Ein del vind er venta på kysten av Vestlandet, Troms og Finnmark.

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