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Police recovered five 9mm shell casings at the murder scene.The trio then drove to a gas station to establish an alibi, police said.When they got to a remote stretch of Old Pueblo Road outside of Colorado Springs, Marquez said the teen victims 'were forced to take the "execution position"', according to the affidavits.Marquez said that 'Casper' shot Natalie twice and then handed the gun to 'Diablo' who shot Derek multiple times.

Everything from the spent-grain focaccia to the cheesegasmic Beehive Cheddar soup (made with Beehive Honey Wheat beer) is delicious perfection for the beer aficionado. It's hard to decide between the blondies made with Beehive and drizzled in Beehive caramel and the dense brownies made with dark beer and served with cherry sauce! • Make Friends with a Giraffe - A day at the zoo is a great excuse to hold hands and take a leisurely stroll, maybe stop to cuddle on a shady bench.Rodriguez threatened them with a crowbar before the victims were bundled back into the car, according to the affidavits.In the car, 'Casper' held a gun to Natalie's stomach as the young girl begged for her life, Marquez told police.'Diablo' handed the girl a cell phone and offered her a chance to say goodbye to her family, but then grabbed it back and said 'you lost your chance' when she didn't log into Facebook, Marquez said.• China Town - China Town is a great place for a laid-back dinner and cocktails after an active day.The casual atmosphere, funky-cool Dynasty-inspired décor, and brightly dressed fruity cocktails invite you to relax and linger over dinner.

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Just days before they were found murdered, Natalie announced on Facebook that she was being sent back to a juvenile detention center.

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