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No one has yet claimed responsibility, but it is thought to be the latest - and deadliest - attack by the area's affiliate of the so-called Islamic State group.Mr Sissi said the terror act "will not go unpunished" in a televised address on Friday.The monastery has been very well restored, and one can now admire the elegant Venetian-styled buildings, its sculptures, the octagonal domed bell-tower, the collection of icons (genuine masterpieces of Cretan art), frescoes of the Nativity and the Last Supper, as well as a collection of lithographs and engravings.The third largest Minoan site in Crete, discovered by the French Archaeological School of Athens.“What is happening is an attempt to stop us from our efforts in the fight against terrorism, to destroy our efforts to stop the terrible criminal plan that aims to destroy what is left of our region.” He expressed condolences to the victims and their families of the "cowardly" assault.Selena Gomez went savage on Instagram and unfollowed all but 37 accounts. One of the largest necropoleis excavated in Crete was discovered in 1971 close to the village.It contained 250 tombs dating back to 3000-2500 BC.

Officials cited by the state news agency MENA said the attackers fired rocket-propelled grenades and shot men as they tried to run from the building.Egypt has launched airstrikes on vehicles linked to a bomb and gun attack on worshippers at a mosque that left at least 305 dead and 128 wounded.The country's chief prosecutor said 27 children were among the dead.Fans noticed that the singer, who previously followed more than 300 people, did some major digital deleting.The former Disney star is still following close friends Taylor Swift, Francia Raisa and Julia Michaels.

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Kato Zakros is a mini paradise with its bay, banana trees, beach and tavernas.

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  2. The eastern gopuram of the 12th century Thillai Natarajar Temple, Chidambaram, of Tamil Nadu dedicated to Lord Shiva bears sculptures depicting 108 poses of Bharatanatyam, referred as karanas in ‘Natya Shastra’, that are intricately carved in small rectangular panels.