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Only it is extremely difficult to realize it: daily life, work, duties doesn't remain to time for rest also at all.Search of the destiny has to be productive and competent! Be just registered on our website and look for that woman, who will paint your life in bright colors of the rainbow.Its territory includes rugged mountains, dense forests, and low fertile plains.The vast Carpathian mountain range that stretches along Slovakia's northern border also juts into central Slovakia.In general, Slovaks living in the region did not view themselves as a separate people.

When the Austro-Hungarian Empire collapsed in 1918, Slovaks joined with Czechs to create an independent Czechoslovakia.

In the nineteenth century Slovaks and Hungary's other ethnic minorities were subjected to Magyarization, an official policy of forced assimilation.

The government made Magyar (Hungarian) the official language and outlawed all other languages.

Desire to be loved is not any improbable privilege.

These It is only the need of nature for each of us.

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