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His Stanford team began publishing papers on the technique a year later, speeding up machine learning by as much as 70 times.

Geoffrey Hinton, whose University of Toronto team wowed peers by using a neural network to win the prestigious Image Net competition in 2012, credits Ng with persuading him to use the technique.

A SMALL WEDDINGNg met his roboticist wife, Carol Reiley, at a robotics conference in Kobe, Japan.

They married in 2014 in Carmel, California, in a small ceremony.

Andrew Ng sees AI as a way to 'free humanity from repetitive mental drudgery.' He has said he sees AI changing virtually every industry, and any task that takes less than a second of thought will eventually be done by machines.

The work was 'inspiring and exciting,' recalls Pieter Abbeel, then one of Ng's doctoral students and now a computer scientist at Berkeley.

Abbeel says he once crashed a ,000 helicopter drone, but Ng brushed it off.'Andrew was always like, 'If these things are too simple, everybody else could do them.''Andrew Ng poses at his office in Palo Alto, Calif.

That win spawned a flurry of copycats, giving birth to the rise of modern AI.'Several different people suggested using GPUs,' Hinton says by email.

But the work by Ng's team, he says, 'was what convinced me.'Google's deep-learning unit was originally called 'Project Marvin' - a possible reference to a morose and paranoid android with a 'brain the size of a planet' from 'The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy.' Ng didn't like the association with 'this very depressed robot,' he says, so he cut to the chase and changed the name to Google Brain.

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So his focus now is on teaching the next generation of AI specialists to teach the machines.

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