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In his Encyclical Fides et Ratio my venerable Predecessor, Pope John Paul II, recalled that ‘the Church has been justified in consistently proposing St Thomas as a master of thought and a model of the right way to do theology.’” “It is not surprising that, after St Augustine, among the ecclesiastical writers mentioned in the Catechism of the Catholic Church St Thomas is cited more than any other, at least 61 times!He was also called the Doctor Angelicus, perhaps because of his virtues and, in particular, the sublimity of his thought and the purity of his life.” “In this period the culture of the Latin world was profoundly stimulated by the encounter with Aristotle’s works that had long remained unknown.How much money do we give to our local churches or charities? Have we even had a conversation with that homeless person we see on our way to work every morning?Do we know where our local soup kitchen is or if our community even has one?Thomas was anxiously asking whether what he had written on the mysteries of the Christian faith was correct. And the answer Thomas gave him was what we too, friends and disciples of Jesus, always want to tell him: “Nothing but Yourself, Lord! And the Crucified One answered him: “You have spoken well of me, Thomas.

If government is not permitted to help the poor, who will? We must help those in need directly, through private institutions and through the church, not allowing government to become a substitute for our individual responsibility of loving our neighbor.Named in honor of one of the greatest evangelists of 14th century Italy, it reflects Thomas Aquinas College’s commitment to the highest academic and spiritual pursuits. Bernardine of Siena Library, the seminal works of the greatest thinkers of Western civilization are available, both in the most accurate translations and in the original language, as are the best commentaries on these works.Although students are strongly encouraged to first approach original works directly — unprejudiced by the writings of other scholars — related readings, reference works, periodicals, and scholarly journals are also available.This is a characteristic of Saints: they cultivate friendship because it is one of the noblest manifestations of the human heart and has something divine about it, just as Thomas himself explained in some of the Quaestiones of his Summa Theologiae. 1).” “Pope Urban IV, who held him in high esteem, commissioned him to compose liturgical texts for the Feast of Corpus Christi, which we are celebrating tomorrow, established subsequent to the Eucharistic miracle of Bolsena. The most beautiful hymns that the Liturgy of the Church sings to celebrate the mystery of the Real Presence of the Body and Blood of the Lord in the Eucharist are attributed to his faith and his theological wisdom.” “In December 1273, he summoned his friend and secretary Reginald to inform him of his decision to discontinue all work because he had realized, during the celebration of Mass subsequent to a supernatural revelation, that everything he had written until then “was worthless”.He writes in it: “it is evident that charity is the friendship of man for God” and for “all belonging to him” (Vol. This is a mysterious episode that helps us to understand not only Thomas’ personal humility, but also the fact that, however lofty and pure it may be, all we manage to think and say about the faith is infinitely exceeded by God’s greatness and beauty which will be fully revealed to us in Heaven.

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