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It is also the second-oldest capital city and second least-populated Australian Capital with only 225,000 residents.When Australia was a penal colony, Tasmania was the dumping ground for the serious offenders, in part because the severity of conditions made escape and return to the mainland a very difficult proposition (nevertheless, it did happen – once).

Hobart is the most southerly state capital in Australia, dominating the island state of Tasmania.The pack ice that girdles the shoreline presents a formidable obstacle to surface ships.Vessels require ice-strengthened hulls and often have to rely upon escort by icebreakers.Mc Murdo Station is a research center in the Antarctic, on the shore of Mc Murdo Sound, which is the southernmost navigable body of water in the world.Today, it is Antarctica’s largest community and a functional, modern-day science station, which includes a harbor, three airfields (two seasonal), a heliport, and more than 100 buildings.

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These days, power comes – despite the difficulties described earlier – from a number of 500 kilowatt (670 hp) conventional diesel generators in a central powerhouse used to generate power – with maintaining minimum operating temperature within the powerhouse likely to have first call on the power supply.

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