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TP: Yeah, we met in a jazz class at Steps on Broadway and then on that same trip, or very close after, he came to see The Music Man, because he was friends with another child in the show, ["So You Think You Can Dance's"] Travis Wall. I feel like there are very few times where people who get married know what they were like when they were in junior high, what they were like in high school, and after that.

When we all went out after the show we were like, "Didn't we just meet each other? You get a really good sense of the person's character and who they are. RF: You're rehearsing from in the morning, and then performing until at night.

TP: We were each other's first loves, so it's pretty awesome to feel like you married your first love. TP: He was my first kiss, but I don't think I was his. It really doesn't give you the chance to go out much and meet people, so a lot of relationships come out of the time spent at the theatre.

I don't think many other work situations lend itself to so much time with one another.

We had been off and on, so it's always been a special pas de deux for us.

Nothing has really changed, which is good because life's changing around us, but I don't feel like we're really changing.

They were about to celebrate one year of marriage, but perhaps even more meaningful than that are the almost 15 years that came before it.

Things weren't always perfect then — they met when they were just 11 and 13 in a jazz class and started an on-and-off relationship that lasted through their teens and early 20s.

After becoming Face Time's best customers, they have a renewed appreciation for their actual face-to-face time together in between ballet rehearsal and Fairchild's shows. Was that the craziest red carpet you have ever walked? TP: I was like 11 years old [when I did The Music Man], so it was just really fun. RF: She helped navigate my schedule between City Ballet and An American in Paris.

For the latest installment of A Fine Showmance, Peck and Fairchild give a peek into their perfectly imperfect romance. I would rehearse for An American in Paris during the day, and for City Ballet at night.

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