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She was so naïve back then she thought he couldn’t be married because he was pursuing her. She gets the door open and takes off running for her life, but Dante is there waiting outside the door and he grabs her from behind as she tries to escape and drags her back into the room and chloroforms her.

Quina says Max was nice to her and their thing developed naturally. Quina says sadly ‘yes, but you were made with love’ and then goes on to say she knows how difficult relationships between social classes are so that’s why she gave her a hard time abut dating Beni. Os makes it to ACorp just before Sonia (all that staring lost him time) He seems to have real doubts about Fed’s plan, and apologizes for missing the rest of her performance. At ACorp Os tries to convince the partners that everyting is on the up and up, but they start walking out so Pietro closes the meeting saying there will be an investigation, and you’ll get the results. Meanwhile Fi is wriggling loose and trying to jimmy open the door.

A Shidokan dos EUA adota o nome de Beikoku Shidokan[12] e funciona de forma amplamente independente da Shidokan de Okinawa, tendo se expandido por diversos países.

Filipinas: Em 1963, antes mesmo da morte de Chibana, Miyahira enviou Seikichi Iha até as Filipinas, onde ele treinou Latino Gonzales, que é hoje o comandante da Shidokan nas Filipinas.

Roxi offers her phone to call Fi but Pietro walks in w/o knocking just then to tell Gia her sister has been missing for hours and asks if Gia sent her a msg while she was out w/Gael.

Gia says she didn’t and Pietro goes ‘oh well, never mind then, I’ll go find her’ in a super unconvincing and not at all reassuring way and leaves the girl w/a heart condition to worry all night.

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