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*Sincerely, Self-Love Self-Conscious Dear SLSC, Let me start this off by saying that your situation is a fairly common one.Even though we've come a long way in our journey to sexual empowerment, many women still have a stigma attached to masturbation: It's a private activity that is certainly not talked about, let alone performed in front of another person, so I don't blame you for feeling a bit self-love-shy.Your socks are upstairs in the bedroom, so you head up there, open the door, and find your partner is masturbating.Do you: A) scream, back out of the room, and go sob on the couch, B) quietly close the door and hope they didn’t see you or, C) join in the fun?*My boyfriend and I have a great sex life, but there is one thing that keeps popping up.

Let's face it, ladies—when it comes to getting turned on, we're complicated. Seeing you in the throes of such a sensual act will give him a voyeuristic rush, like he's witnessing something that no other man gets to see.Granting him the privilege of letting him watch is sure to get everyone's juices flowing, helping you feel closer and more connected than ever before.You've Got the Power As you likely discovered the first time you mastered the art of touching yourself, it's empowering to take your pleasure into your own hands.Today you're going to play a grownup choose-your-own-adventure game. You’re presented with a scenario, a range of options, and then you pick which option you want to go with in order to move the story forward.So, here’s the scenario: You’re hanging out downstairs, killing time on Facebook, and your feet have gotten cold.

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