Updating an inground pool

Remodeling is also the perfect time to consider adding new features to your swimming pool.The addition of a swim-in cave and combination waterfall slide, for example, are best done at the same time to keep the pool’s downtime to a minimum." Learning their philosophy about pool building was nothing that was seen with the other pool companies that we interviewed. They build one pool at a time, so you get all their attention. With two young daughters this was important, the disruption and worrying about their safety was reduced greatly due to digging, deliveries and construction happening all at once." Is your vinyl liner pool outdated and in need of a face lift?We are well known for making even the ugliest pool beautiful, let us get to work on yours!‘We Fix Ugly Pools’ is the #1 choice in the Greater Phoenix, Arizona, area when considering restoring or remodeling.As I always say, it’s better to have a pool in your backyard without all the options you wanted, than it is to have a beautiful pool with every option you ever dreamed of.....your head……and not in your backyard.Colors make swimming pools look more natural, inviting, and often times create that ‘Carribean’ feel so many are looking for. Separate Coping Color: As shown in the attached video, installing a separate border around an inground pool not only delineates the pool, but it adds a ‘pop’ to the shape itself.

Maybe it’s time to get it ready for a whole new generation – grandchildren!

There are a number of good reasons for updating your backyard pool.

Your home and pool represent a sizable investment, and upgrading the pool adds value to your home as well as being a great source of entertainment for your family and friends.

Whatever the reason is for remodeling your pool, make sure you pick a trusted local Phoenix pool contractor to do the job.

Pool remodeling can be even more complicated than installing a new pool because the original pool often needs to be redesigned in order to be brought up to current city codes.

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Even simple waterfalls are popular these days because of their relaxing and tranquil impact on the pool area. Multiple Seating Elevations: In the attached video, the homeowner achieved this with a nicely designed composite deck that had multiple levels, overlooking the pool.

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