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In addition, Advocates can accompany individuals to court to get an Order of Protection or Injunction Against Harassment, or other proceedings related to domestic violence. However, the Protective Order Center does have information on valuable legal resources in the community.If the Court has closed for business, Emergency Orders of Protection are granted by a judge in writing verbally, or telephonically to protect a person who is in imminent danger of domestic violence.The injunction only had four restrictions, aimed at reducing graffiti, including prohibiting graffiti on private and public property, trespassing on private property with the intent to place graffiti, and an order for the gang to clean up the graffiti that displayed the name of their gang.The injunction also requested that the seventy-two named defendants be required to do five hours of community service to clean up graffiti.It is time that judges stopped granting ‘super-injunctions’ which are so absolute and wide-ranging that nothing about them can be reported at all.”“Former shadow home secretary David Davis said: “This is a new class of injunction, a so called super-injunction, in which the press aren’t even allowed to report the injunction itself, the existence of the case, and that is how Parliament’s reporting has been stopped by this.”“That media organisations were unable to report a parliamentary question was due to a so-called “super-injunction” obtained by the notorious law firm Carter-Ruck on behalf of Trafigura, a large London-based trading company.A “super-injunction” is one which not only prevents any publication, but which is itself secret.

It is an equitable remedy, and is available both as an interim remedy pending the final disposal of an action, and as a final remedy.” Source: Lexis ® Library : an injunction which prohibits the reporting of its own existence. The newspaper had, however, used the term in a joking manner seven years before.

A gang injunction is a type of restraining order issued by courts in the United States prohibiting gang members in particular cities from participating in certain specified activities.

It is based on the legal theory that gang activity constitutes a public nuisance that prevents non–gang members from enjoying peace in their communities.

While Los Angeles experimented with gang injunctions in the 1980s, the first gang injunction to make headlines was obtained by Los Angeles City Attorney James Hahn against the West Los Angeles–based Playboys Gansta Crip in 1987.

The move was hailed as an innovative way for law enforcement to crack down on gangs, allowing people to regain control of their neighborhoods.

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