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Most Allwebco templates include a DOCTYPE, however, the link to " is left out of the DOCTYPE.The reason for this is so you can add any type of script or application to your template.Any and all errors are caused by code included for backward compatibility in older browser software. No website is required to be compliant to W3C standards.Many top Internet sites generate errors when checked.

The service was designed to help people generate syntactically accurate markup in both HTML and CSS. In the early 2000s validation symbolized professionalism among web developers. We are now using better development tools that catch mistakes earlier.

It is an HTML 4.01 tag and there is no meta equivalent for HTML5.

An alternate way to set caching, if you are an expert user, is to set your http headers or .htaccess files to control caching.

If a linked DOCTYPE is included this may cause some applications that you want to include to not run properly or not run at all.

Browser software companies produce browsers that loosely adhere to web standards.

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