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What we have to realize is that verbal misogyny is just as disgusting, just as harmful, just as pernicious, just as insidious, and just as necessary to stamp out. As a word association football aside (only Monty Python fans will find that amusing), did you know that in Japanese you can say that someone did something without saying “he” or “she”? I don’t know what this says about misogyny in Japan, which there is plenty of, but I do hear that these days Japanese women are often choosing not to get married at all. Teachers have been named “Gender Champions” and are using guidelines promoted by the Department of Education and the Institute of Physics, a London-based scientific charity that works to advance physics education (yay for them! “Go make me a sandwich” is also among the new no-nos.

It seems they are rejecting the limited role of traditional wife and mother and choosing to go with a career. Which tells you something about what kids were saying before this project started.

The reason they’re less common than before is that people realized that they were wrong and that they the way people thought about people who were white—and non-white.

There’s still a lot of implicit racism in the English language, of course: in general dark things are bad and light, white, or bright things are good. And it behooves every one of us to think about it and try to fight it—but others are doing a much better job than I ever could of arguing against this kind of racism.

Thanks for helping us achieve our mission of helping everyone learn how to do anything.

Thank you so much for reading through this post—or at least skimming it—because I actually worked really hard on gathering up all the nasty, sex-specific terms and catchphrases I could find. Come up with at least five: that’s a tenth of what’s included below. Anything that nets girls and women more respect and less disrespect may help change the ease with which some males lift their hands or their voices to harm them. In addition, those who use these words may not be intentionally harmful. It points out that in modern times using “man” and “he” as generic words including women is perceived as “somewhat biased and sexist.” Well, at least we’re somewhat recognizing the problem. Or using the term “you guys” to include a group of girls or women. “Bastard” at least implies some strength, but “bitch” simply ought to be outlawed by civilized people. Then of course there’s the other word for kitty, and the fact that saying that a woman “has some balls” is supposed to be a compliment, whereas a reference to the female genitalia is probably the ultimate insult. It all seems to tie into Freud’s crazy idea that women crave male organs and aren’t satisfied with their own, even though women are able to give birth with the wonderful equipment given to them by God or nature, depending on your point of view. Why do we glorify men’s testicles and phalluses and degrade women’s sexuality?

Or, if you can’t imagine the consequences, take a look at some of the studies on language that are out there. Women are commodities, objects, to be judged by their sexual appeal.I’m not going to insist that the strong version of the Sapir-Whorf hypothesis is correct and there can be no thought without language, because that’s already been disproved. Being manly is a good thing while being womanish is undeniably bad.But no one can deny that language make that name up) has written a fascinating article, How Language Shapes Thought. Try to count how many times you hear the phrase “be a man about it” or “man up” in the media and then meditate on exactly where that puts you if you are not a man to begin with and can’t be one no matter how you try (unless you’re transgender, which is fine with me but not an option for all women).In recent years, empirical evidence for this causal relation has emerged, indicating that one’s mother tongue does indeed mold the way one thinks about many aspects of the world, including space and time. No one at work,” since that’s usually what you see when you drive past.) There are even people who insist on saying businessman or chairman even when the object of their sentence is a woman. Did you know that there used to be another fairly common catchphrase: “that’s mighty white of you”?The latest findings also hint that language is part and parcel of many more aspects of thought than scientists had previously realized.” But, see, you probably already know this yourself. And that it meant exactly what you, in your horror, are thinking, oh, no, please tell me it didn’t mean .

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