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and there were containers of fish behind me, and i didn't notice that water from it reached my bag WTF. i had to back up files (which is a pain with the computer i'm using -_-) and pack my stuff.

what could be worse than that is the fact that i left my ipod (out of all the other things i could've left). it could've made me less grumpy about the horrible traveling conditions which took almost a day T__T I HATE TRAVELING! and it seems like tegoshi was involved in a rear-end car accident bcoz of his lack of attention. this is the 2nd one in NEWS, ryo also was in an accident last year. tegoshi, stop thinking about ryo while you're driving, for pete's sake!

if not i would have never found out that my crush hideaki torio is in a group called XLR8. now i've seen hideaki dance coz i watch master showman (whenever i can) just to see him and i know he can dance.

plus i love his fobby tagalog but i like it more when he speaks japanese : D i'm just so happy to be seeing him more now that he has this group!

heard they're debuting this march 28makes me feel bad that my lack of tv-watching made me miss out on local stuff like this -_- apparently their mv is out, i'm so gonna check out myx!

and philippine remake of boys over flowers: Nico Ibaviosa, Andre Endique, Eduard Duallo, Chase Rivera as the philippine's F4 & sarah geronimo as san chai / jandii watched hans canosa's movie 'conversations with other women' based on gabrielle zevin's book, their first collaboration before Dare Kiss even came about. at first i thought they were complete strangers only to find out that they used to be lovers until helena's character ran away.

p egg) cinderella complex are my new LSSa few days before i leave, ling (the assistant) and i had a horror movie marathon at the clinic. if only i knew he likes horror movies too, i would've saved myself from either re-runs of glee or movies with excessive sex scenes -_-greek episode 6: i love this episode!

meanwhile at the omega chi, calvin is stuck with evan.also like it when ranmaru suggested he and tamao start dating each other. she has got to get her act together D:sakura girl pv preview: someone slapped ryo! she asked for hitomi no screen pv.trailer of 'teenage dirtbag' starring scott michael foster (still cappie-addicted today XD).omg they used hide and seek by imogen heap as the bg song!i love edo no temari uta II especially their costumes and choreo.that and high king's (a temp band composed of girls from morning musume, berryz kobou, c-ute and h!

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it's not as if they know me : Ponce again, this trip was one of the worsts.

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