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As always, if anyone would like their e-mail address/pictures added to - and/or removed from - this section of my page, let me know at my e-mail below.Hello Cindi, I love that Raffaella and Silvia are happy about our connection. Imran and Julie Jackson (Julie [email protected]) of Zig Zag Productions in London, England, and some of her crew, contacted a number of us about a JCS Documentary they were putting together.

You have purchased more than 10 tickets to one performance to take as many friends and relatives as you could ... You own more than one copy of the same souvenir program ...You thought of having any song from JCS played at your wedding, or funeral ... A nightmare I recently had while taking cough syrup with codeine.) (!!! You have seen Ted graciously accept a Jiminy Cricket gift that you know for a fact that he has a dozen of already! You got caught taking pictures during the show and an employee of the theater tried to confiscate your film, and you lied and told them they couldn't have the film because the beginning of the roll contains the baptism pictures of your Godchild...You have had dreams about JCS..perhaps nightmares like when you dream you are cast as Mary Madeleine and then when you ask the casting director who will starring as Jesus and your fingers are crossed hoping he will say Ted Neeley and he says....... Hail Mary Full of Grace I said 10 of them for that lie. You traveled at record breaking speeds to see a show in the next state were still running late and had to roll you hair and put your makeup on in a local Laundromat because it was on the way to the theater ... You have a receipt from Ted's Visa when he rented a car in Tulsa ...You own all the videos that Ted had any appearance in even if they are really bad ...You brought electric Christmas Candle decorations to a show that run on batteries so that you can hold them up during "Could We Start Again Please" ...

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Below are a few more shots that were taken that day: TED HAS TO BE THE NICEST MAN..want to say to Jenn, great meeting you and Judi. Now Gethsemane even has more meaning to me than just being the best scene in the movie.

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