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It is the image of an elderly woman's dialect coming out of the mouth of Shim Eun-gyeong that provides for this film's greatest spectacle.Non-Korean audiences will still get the joke, and thoroughly enjoy this film.

Viewers might be surprised to learn that Miss Granny was directed by the same person who made the deeply upsetting and moving film Silenced (2011), based on a shocking real-life incidence of child abuse at a school for the deaf.But when he turns up the next day with a bouquet of flowers, she finds herself in the middle of an awkward situation.Mi-yeon (Moon So-ri, Ha Ha Ha) believes there to be no major problem in her relationship with her husband, the owner of a gas station.The friendly proprietor, who carries a knowing glint in his eye, takes her picture.It's only later, after she's left the studio and is riding the bus, that she sees her reflection in the window and realizes that something fundamental has changed. Of course, none of her family or acquaintances can recognize her in her new guise.

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Although that latter number far exceeded anyone's expectations, Miss Granny can be said to have earned its success.

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