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There are is now an enum with four values: infrastructure along with several other fixes and improvements. After only 2 months and nearly 300 commits, this is one of the feature-richest releases we’ve ever done.This release, again, contains some breaking changes.Metro follows Semantic Versioning, at least API wise.Please note that minor visual changes can still occur if there’s a need for them. So you are now fully aware that if your apps use Delegate Command. Even if you did, you should not be trying to make ICommand act as async.And strong references preventing garbage collection are just memory leaks by another name.

See PR #1320 The overlay behavior of the elements of the window titlebar can now be controlled individually. For a complete list of fixes, see PR #1156 Flyouts now have an option to be automatically closed when the user clicks outside of the flyout. Metro documentation site lives at instead of Apps. The old links should still work and redirect to the top level domain.

We try to break things now rather than later, when we release version 1.0 (which is hopefully soon).

Yup, it doesn’t work like you would probably expect. My gut is telling me to drop the Execute(T parameter) signature from Delegate Command, and just standardize on the ICommand. This is what every other Command in every other MVVM framework does.

So it really provides absolutely no benefit to you.

Not to mention the fact that the ICommand is not executed by any XAML framework in an async manner.

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