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He was a sensualist and an honest womanizer: if that’s not a contradiction in terms.He openly cheated on his virtuous wife, Emilie, with both long-term mistresses and countless casual lovers.With the exception of the Holocaust, I don’t know of any other period in human history when slavery was desired by the slaves themselves and when forced labor became a saving grace for the victims.In such a dark epoch, when everything conspired to wipe the Jewish people of the face of the Earth, enslaving over a thousand of them in an enamel factory became an act of courage and heroism.“Oskar’s list, in the mind of some, was already more than a mere fabulation. It was a sweet chariot which might swing low” (277).

Slaves are deprived of all human rights and of their dignity.Yet these evil times also brought out the best in some, like Oskar Schindler.His acts of courage and resourcefulness have inspired the blockbuster movie, Schindler’s List (1993), directed by Steven Spielberg.(New York: Touchstone, Schindler’s List, 1982, Author’s Note, 10) Oskar Schindler is, by the author’s own account, an unlikely hero.As Keneally acknowledges in the Prologue, Oskar Schindler “was not a virtuous man in the customary sense of the term”.

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